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Terms of use

The hereunder terms of use are written in masculine language but apply to both genders. 


  1. The “Jerusalem2023” website (hereunder the “Website”) serves as an image site for “Jerusalem2023,” and you are welcome to participate, subject to your agreement to the below-detailed terms of use.
  2. Furthermore, the use of this site, including all content and services offered in it, downloading files, media like images and videos, and various content provided to our audience, may change from time to time, depending on the type of content.
  3. The site’s management reserves the right to update the terms of use presented below from time to time, without further notice or special mentioning in the various site channels.

Intellectual Property

  1. The site, including all the information on it, the site design, code, media files, including graphics, videos, images, texts, files offered for download and any other material displayed on the site, belong exclusively to the above website and constitute the exclusive intellectual property of “Jerusalem2023” and may not be used without prior written permission from the “Jerusalem2023” website.
  2. Additionally, it is strictly forbidden to distribute, copy, reproduce, publish, replicate or process code fragments, graphics, videos, trademarks, or any other media and content, without your prior written permission.

Website Content

  1. We strive to provide you with the information displayed on the website without interruptions. However, due to some technical considerations, third-party faults or others, disturbances in the website’s availability may occur. Therefore, we can not guarantee that the website will be available to you at any time. No monetary or other compensation will be given due to the termination of service and/or site removal.
  2. External links to other websites do not constitute a guarantee for being safe, high-quality or reliable websites. Visiting these websites is at your sole discretion and the responsibility of users only.
  3. The content offered on the website is the exclusive property of “Jerusalem2023” and should not be used for the purposes stated in these terms and conditions (see section 3), except in cases where otherwise stated or in cases where the copyrights belong to a third party, and thus indicated clearly. In such cases, please check the terms of use of the attached link and follow their instructions on the external website to which the content belongs.
  4. The website’s content should not be considered a substitute for customized professional advice. Before any decision pertaining to insurance, we recommend you consult your insurance agent.

Website Users and Visitors Management

  1. The website management reserves the right to block any user, whether by blocking their IP address, the MACID address, or even based on country of origin, without providing an acceptable/reasonable explanation.
  2. The website management/staff takes all necessary measures and precautions to protect the details of its users/subscribers. However, insofar as a third party might gain access to sensitive information, it is hereby stated that users/subscribers will have no claim, complaint or demand towards the “Jerusalem2023,” its website, or its staff.

Due Diligence

  1. This website may use cookies (especially for registered and subscribed users) and internal statistics interfaces to maintain and track anonymous statistical information about users, traffic, browsing habits, clicks, and duration of stay.
  2. At all times, except when users are logged in to the website, the information stored is entirely anonymous and does not contain user names or any other identifying information.


  1. When you use the website, and in case of dispute, you hereby agree that all the above terms are under Israeli law’s exclusive jurisdiction, and the Israeli court system of Haifa district will be the venue where such disputes will be resolved.